Poster and Demonstration Chair: Barbara Russo

A Process Improvement Framework for XP based SMEs by Muthu Ramachandran
Standardization and improvement of processes and practices using XP, FDD and RUP in the Systems Information Area of a Mexican Steel Manufacturing Company by Luis Aceves, Enrique Canseco, Mauricio Ruanova
Multithreading and Web Applications: Further Adventures in Acceptance Testing by Johan Andersson, Geoff Bache, Claes Verdoes
Using State Diagrams to Generate Unit Tests for Object-Oriented Systems by Florentin Ipate, Mike Holcombe
The Positive Affect Of The XP Methodology by Sharifah Syed-Abdullah, Mike Holcombe, John Karn, Marian Gheorge, Tony Cowling
Adjusting to XP: Observational Studies of Inexperienced Developers by John Karn, Tony Cowling, Mike Holcombe, Sharifah Syed-Abdullah
An Agile and Extensible Code Generation Framework by Dimitrios Kolovos, Richard Paige, Fiona Polack
UC Workbench – A Tool for Writing Use Cases and Generating Mockups by Jerzy Nawrocki, Lukasz Olek
Desperately Seeking Metaphor by Ben Aveling
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Agile Testing of Location Based Services by Jiang Yu, Andrew Tappenden, Adam Geras, Michael Smith, James Miller
Source Code Repositories and Agile Methods by Alberto Sillitti, Giancarlo Succi
Writing Coherent User Stories with Tool Support by Michal Smialek, Jacek Bojarski, Wiktor Nowakowski, Tomasz Straszak
BPUF: Big Picture Up Front. by Frank Keenan, David Bustard
Agile Development Environment for Programming and Testing (ADEPT) by Mike Holcombe, Bhavnidhi Kalra
Tailoring Agile Methodologies to the Southern African Environment by Ernest Mnkandla, Barry Dwolatzky, Sifiso Mlotshwa