Phd and Master’s Symposium

Chair: Sandro Pinna

A Thinking Framework for the Adaptation of Iterative Incremental Development Methodologies by Ernest Mnkandla
Exploring XP’s Efficacy in a Distributed Software Development Team by Alessandra Cau
Agile Methods for Embedded Systems by Dirk Wilking
Tool Support For The Effective Distribution Of Agile Practice – Extended Abstract by Paul Adams
The Software Hut—A Student Experience of Extreme Programming with Real Commercial Clients by Bhavnidhi Kalra, Chris Thomson, Mike Holcombe
Eclipse Platform Integration of Jester—the JUnit test tester by Simon Lever
Extreme Programming: The Genesys Experience by Susheel Varma, Mike Holcombe
Shared Code Repository: A Narrative by Susheel Varma, Mike Holcombe