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Panels and Activities Co-Chairs: David Hussman and David Putman


P01: Angela Martin, Steven Fraser, Rachel Davies, Mike Holcombe, Rick Mugridge, Duncan Pierce, Tom Poppendieck, Giancarlo Succi: XP/Agile Education and Training

XP/Agile education and training remains a challenge from the perspective of determining relevant content; identifying effective methods for delivery; and maintaining the focus and motivation of students. This panel brings together academic and industry professionals to share their perspectives and experiences. Anticipated points for discussion include: education/training delivery strategies, curriculum definition, certification challenges, marketing issues, collaboration strategies to engage industry sponsorship, value assessments for students and sponsoring organizations, and program success stories. This will be a highly interactive panel and the audience should come prepared to both ask and answer questions.

P02: Steven Fraser, Angela Martin, Mack Adams, Carl Chilley, David Hussman, Mary Poppendieck, Mark Striebeck: Off-Shore Agile Software Development

Off-shore development is increasing in popularity. Off-shoring affects many things in our environment: what and where we build and deploy; how we budget and deliver services; and how and when we communicate. Can the high touch, high bandwidth model that Agile purports be applied to a situation where one of the fundamental tenants – a co-located team – is shattered? This panel will offer a forum to share and learn from industry practitioners and researchers on how to make off-shore software development work in an agile context.

P03: Steve Freeman, Kent Beck, Fred Tingey, John Nolan: Leadership in XP

A panel of expert practitioners will offer advice to members of theaudience on how to address the issues they are facing when applying XP. Theformat is to consider concrete cases, to talk about what we would do in those cases, and discuss the principles behind the actions. The goal is to help theaudience to be more effective in response to their ‘leadership moments’ as theyapply XP.


A01: Karl Scotland: The Music Of Agile Software Development

A significant number of members of the Agile community seem to have a musical background, leading to a hypothesis that there are commonalities between the two disciplines, both of which draw on diversely skilled individuals, collaborating to create a common vision. While this notion is purely anecdotal and subjective, it is interesting enough to explore further, and this activity session is intended to delve into those commonalities in more detail.

A02: Pascal Van Cauwenberghe, Olivier Lafontan, Ivan Moore, Vera Peeters: The XP Game

The XP Game is a playful way to familiarize the players with some of the more difficult concepts of the XP Planning Game, like velocity, story esti-mation, yesterday’s weather and the cycle of life. Anyone can participate. The goal is to make development and business people work together, they both play both roles. It’s especially useful when a company starts adopting XP.

A03: Vera Peeters, Peter Schrier: The Drawing Carousel: a Pair Programming Experience.

The participants will experience how a pair programming team works. Working in a single pair is different from working on your own: You have to articulate what you want to do, the other person (probably) has some different insights, and the result will be different from what you would have done on your own. But.. this is only half of the story: working in a Pair Programming Team has many more advantages: knowledge is spread, the team creates an own style, parallel development becomes easy, truck factor ( is reduced. The team creates the product (instead of individual programmers creating the parts), the product is a whole, not a mixture of individual results. You will learn about the necessity of agile tools like daily standup meetings, pair rotation, coding standards and collective code ownership, how they work, and what their effects are. You will experience improvements for the quality of you product, and for the productivity of the team.